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Sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas, the best fishing experiencie in Cabo.



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In 1986 Roberto Olascoaga migrates to Cabo San Lucas from Zihuatanejo. He and his Panga "Marea" starts to work in Cabo San Lucas in sport fishing. Those were the days, Cabo was a place with a great future in sportfishing. So this is a familiar legacy of fishermans, and trying to go each time better and better. Why M?... Is a tribute to the first type from Marea. Marea, the first panga were Roberto brings to Cabo in 1986. So thats the reason MSPORTFISHING CABO means. Our clients feel right at home as they enter dock # 3. Then we make sure he has the best fishing experience ever in Cabo San Lucas. We have option for half day or full day of fishing. For book a fishing trip, please first check availability with us, contact us by email. Then do pre-payment by paypal. If you bring your family or a bunch of friends try "MERENGUE 40", 10 persons max capacity. Also we provide transport from the airport to your hotel. Please dont forget to review our TripAdvisor. Is very important for us.


a) BARE BOAT RATE. Bare boat price only includes: -Fishing equipment, diesel, icechest with ice aboard.

b) ALL INCLUSIVE FISHING TRIP. This package includes: Drinks, lunches, fishing licenses, baits, fishing equipment, diesel, dock #3 passes, icechest with ice aboard, purified water, GoProHero video camera aboard. 

We date our clients 6:20am departs around 6:30am from dock #3 Marina Cabo San Lucas. Half day finish 12:00pm, full day 2:00-3:00pm

STANDARD FISHING DAY: This is the normal day fishing trip offshore or inshore, where the most of the boats are fishing. We no go more far than 10 miles from the shore. When the fishing is no excellent is risky fishing at the standard mode.

GO TO THE BANKS: This is the option for a client who wants go 20 miles from Cabo San Lucas, to the banks: Sn Jaime, Golden gate, Gordas bank. 1:30 running to reach the bank. This option is more expensive than the Standard Fishing Day. But sometimes the fishing is no excellent inshore, so we have to reach the banks to have better conditions.

IMPORTANT: This is fishing no catching, we always try our best to fish and have a success day for you, but sometimes mother nature dont bring fish to us. We dont make false promises to our clients. This is important to understand before you book a day with us.



    First contact us by email and let us know how many persons are coming aboard with you (kids under 13 years old dont pay fishing licenses). Also let us know day and month, if you want to select the STANDARD fishing day, and go half day (5 hours) or full day (8 hours). Also there is the option to GO TO THE BANKS, 20 miles running to reach the area. Let us know if you want to include lunches and drinks. Poncho is in charge of reservations so he will contact you as soon possible by email. Once you confirm your day, next step is to do a prepayment by paypal. We dont have an office on site dock#3, please contact us first and then schedule a meeting if you want to see charters before fishing. Try to evade hijackers.

  • Please always try to contact "Poncho", he is in charge of reservations and he is the man who will setup a nice fishing day. Also he represents MSportFishingCabo, if you have any problem in your fishing day he will be the responsible and take care you. He will be with from start to end. And he is the first to reply your emails.

Charters located at Dock#3

Please first contact us by email, before schedule a meeting at Dock#3, we dont want to lose you by hijackers at the Marina. Please contact Poncho (e-reservations) first at, he will book your reservations and take all your questions.

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